Monthly archives: July, 2008

How to change the look of your page

A few people have asked me how to customise the WordPress blog
Once logged in follow this >>

1 on dasboard bar hover over the My account link and you will see a list.
2 click on edit profile
3 you should have a special page up and it should be all your information that you have told them.
n.b. you should see that there is a place to put a nickname that you want when you post on other forums and blogs on WordPress.

4 click the Design hyperlink and you can choose a theme style for the page and choose what you want for a banner.
5 if you have a photo sharing site you can use that to put pictures up onto wordpress and so you can follow the instruction on that for whatever you use. However you may use WordPress’s own storage space as you get room to do that. so next I’ll put instructions for that.

5 there are 4 links: Widgets | Extras | Custom Image Header | Edit CSS
these appear under where your current theme name is.
click on custom image header and follow the on-screen instructions on that page.
upload an image that YOU yourself have made following the right size for the design.
You now hopefully have a header.

Hope that this helps!

Hailey Came To Play

Hailey and I met up last night (23 July) and played in each others towns. We played hide and seek and tag as well as catching bugs and beetles. We had a great time!!!

This was in her town:

When we were bored she came to my town.

We showed off our elephant beetles that we caught !

And we watched TV at my house !

To finish off to remember us of this night we planted trees but unfortunately one of them died and so I had to re-plant a tree.

Where Have I Been?

Today I have been to Vesuvius’s and Tina’s towns for the very first time.

Tina gave me some golden tools and then Mr Ressetti came up and destroyed the game! How dare he! At least I had everything saved! What’s more – he came twice!

I had a nice time with both of them!

Unfortunately I got no pictures.

Friends With Roi

I went into Roi’s town called Japan to have a look around and to leave an item for taking 100 bells! I also decided that I should blog this beautiful moment:


I went into Animal Crossing and found this:

This is my own picture – Do not take unless I say you can. 😀