Monthly archives: August, 2008

Adventures in Leaftown

Sorry it is a tad late… This happened a few weeks ago and so I am going to post a few pictures of my friends and so on.

I went to see Alfie in Leaftown for the firework display. We had a lovely time.

This is our Clothes Roadshow ! We had a lot of fun dressing up in weird and wonderful things !

This is Alfie digging in my free patch !

This is Alfie with a top I gave him because it has an ‘A’ on it !

So I hope you enjoyed looking at my pictures. I do have many more but I won’t always post them ! I like to post the best ones ! lol

Armand Uses His Magic Powers!!!

One of my most recent friends Armand used AR to make a Mario hat and shirt.
Hanna, Miki, Armand and I had a fantastic time. Here’s some pictures:

Mario has come to play ! … No it’s me actually (but it could have fooled some people!!)

I had a great time guys!!