I’m on Twitter.com as you are probably aware, and I have been drawn into it by a few of my friends online.

I joined in 2008, and I am glad I did because I have made so many new friendships. Before joining I didn’t know what it was all about, even though that people like Paul Boag (Boagworld.com) had started to use it and then talk about it at his 100th podcast.

Just in the last few months I have become an addict talking to Twitterers and posting my comments and thoughts for everone to see. I have posted about my home-life, my hobbies and my hates in 140 characters, as well as Tweeting about various techy things and whatever comes to mind.

During the last week I have made a few good friendships and I have really enjoyed the challenge of keeping people listening in so I don’t bore people to death – I have Aspergers Syndrome so I can not spot when I am being obsessive as much.

I have been excited by all the posts and enjoyed reading what people are up to and what they are about. I have also explored loads of websites they have created and have had fun making my friendships by asking questions based on their work or hobbies.

However one real problem is finding time to fit everything else in and Tweet at the same time. If someone had invented a coffeepot which Tweeted every time you made a cuppa, it would be less stressy and people would be able to live their lives instead of just Tweeting all the time. I don’t even drink coffee, but there is a thought for those budding scientists/geeks etc that want a challenge!

Some of my friends have also sent me Direct Messages (DM’s) to let me know the extra things that they don’t want the whole Twitterverse (Universe) to know! So thank you to all those who have sent me DM’s and to those who have replied to those that I have sent out.

I think Twitter is going to be really big in 2009, but it really kills your life!

P.S A really great gaming guru to follow is @JasonBradbury !