I have had my new computer with Windows Vista and a Nvidia GeForce 9400 GT graphics card, since October last year. I have not really played a really good graphics driven game. I have been playing QuakeLive and the graphics are really smooth and I am really impressed. Up to now I have not really tested the graphics a great deal and thought that this was a really good way to test them. I had played FIFA07 a little but QuakeLive is very different because there is more action.

I also use Second Life for networking occasionally and my computer will sometimes struggle with layering images on to the characters etc and making sure that they move right. Waiting for everything to load 100% is not always easy because it may take a while.

The quality of the 3D environment in Quake is a whole new experience to me as I don’t play many games online like this. I usually play with some Flash game or something like that. I am interested to see what other games I could run that would not kill my computer. I have Lara Croft Tomb Raider but I am not too good at that. That I am sure will look fabulous on my computer.
Hopefully I’ll come to a point when I want to buy a super cool game and test out my computers performance to the limits. However my PC, as lovely as it is to do things with, is not a water cooled gaming monster and so I doubt I’ll be playing anything too graphics driven that could harm my beloved machine: unless you can say differently?
I got into playing Quake because I was amazed at how really fast and fun this type of game can be. This was after a certain fellow gamer and blogger decided to try it out. He has got the water cooled gaming PC!

If anyone has any suggestions to what games I could safely run on my computer with an Intel Core Duo 2.53GHz processor and no bottles of water(!), it would be really nice to hear from you!