Monthly archives: September, 2009

USB Flexi Keyboard

Now I have a bit of tech for you that is really good for using with the Wii. My USB flexi keyboard is a welcome addition to my technology life. I have used it on my computers but the great thing is that the Wii has 2 USB slots at the back. A little while ago I read that a USB keyboard would be really good for it and browsing the web as the onscreen keyboard is really bad.

And if you are a big Twitter fan… you will be able to send tweets with ease!

Get yourself to Staples and pick a flexi keyboard up for a bit under £7. You will not regret it.

Easter Eggs

No its far too late for chocolate eggs, isnt it?

Easter Eggs are special things that game developers put into games to get players to find so that they enjoy the game more and it is usually done to help people relax and want to carry on finding more silly things as they play.

Some Easter Eggs are like cheats and that has to be said with one of the biggest people game in the world, The Sims.

If you press the right keys in the right order in games other things could also happen.

So play around in your games, you never know what you might find lurking in there!