Monthly archives: February, 2010

Meeting Jason Bradbury In Basingstoke

I knew about a month ago that Jason was going to be in Basingstoke for the launch of his second in the trilogy of his Dot.Robot books. I planned a train journey and thought I’d try get there at 12 mid day… but as I have a disability I went with my mum 🙂 (In the car)

Took about an hour to get there but it was worth it and I was (to be honest) a bit over the top just before I met him properly!

We went around a few shops and then waited in the queue for The Gadget Show’s Jason Bradbury to come on stage!! When I saw him I was happy and I got more nervous the nearer I got in the line!

When I got up on the stage Jason already had ma book which had my name in on a sticky label but I knew he’d know who I was from Twitter and he shouted ‘Sarah!’
I gave him a huge hug and had some pictures taken by my mum. I said ‘It was about time,’ (To meet him) because I had been tweeting him for a whole year!
He said to me about me being one of his first friends on Twitter and I said how great it was to have Twitter to contact people and meet up.
He signed the book (Atomic Swarm) and wrote ‘Awesome!’ in it and wrote ‘Your Friend Jason’ and a kiss with a drawn pic of himself!!
I mentioned that I watched him on The Wright Stuff and we spoke about Aspergers Syndrome which is the disability I have. Jason had mentioned about Autism on The Wright Stuff and he said that it was me he was refering to!!

I had mum taking a few pix of me and him together and then he talked to Mum.

I hugged Jase a few times and then went off to a few shops and had lunch…but I never knew I was going to see Jase again because he came towards us as we were heading home. Mum was looking completely the wrong way!!! I spotted him. That’s what comes with having Aspergers and being able to spot minor things easily! However in this case Jason is a major Gadget God!

I hope I get to see Jason again as he is such a generous guy and I’d really like to have talked longer!

Follow Jason on Twitter or on his own site check out his blogposts to see what else he has been doing and testing in the world of gadgets!!

Jase n me!

Jason lookin\’ cool!

iPlayer on Wii

Finally we can watch TV on our Wii’s with the free channel, iPlayer!

It is very handy if you want to catch up with something very quickly because it is right there at your fingertips, straight after you’ve been playing your games!

Navigation is easy but personal choice may be entering program names into a proper keyboard rather than onscreen. If that is the case see my previous post about USB flexi-keyboards!

Let’s hope that Nintendo will have some more ideas for new channels this year!