Monthly archives: April, 2010

Happy Bunny Easter Egg Day!

I had downloaded the calendar for my newly bought Animal Crossing Wii to tell me when there was going to be some of the festivals on the game. I found that Easter Sunday is Bunny Day on Animal Crossing on the Wii. So I decided I would have to go and play for a bit.

This is what happened:

When you enter the town go to the Town Hall and you find a big bunny there who wants bunny foils, in return you will get Egg items…

The list is as follows:

Egg Floor
Egg Wall
Egg Bed
Egg Lamp
Egg Table
Egg Chair
Egg Wardrobe
Egg Dresser
Egg Stereo
Egg Toyset
Egg Clock
Egg Bench

I had to dig with my shovel to find eggs and open them – Some contain candy which your person can eat and the rest contain the foils.

Take the foil to the bunny and you will get the items one by one.

Hint: Have more than one character to get double, treble or quadruple the amount of foils to get the whole set of items so you can sell them for major bucks at Nooks shop!!

Unused Games Worth Nearly £2bn

The average gamer has a stack of games in their collection. An online survey by Swapgame has reported that 1 in 5 consumers have 10 or more games that they havent played in the past 6 months (survey taken in 2009).

Even some gamers buying around 5 new games a year means that older games will get lost in collections spanning more than 100 games and some gamers reported they had more than £100 of games not in use when they took the survey.

Kids like to swap things and swapping games is a great way of testing out the latest in the gaming world and possibly playing some of the worlds greatest games to take the world by storm… World of Warcraft is a fine example to take the top spot in the gaming industry with endless quests and fighting, and on the other hand The Sims has also been a favourite with the more relaxed genre of people.

So is gaming popularity going up or down? Are kids getting out more or less into the great outdoors? Are these stats going to change and turn a sack full of potato shaped kids into lean, mean, fit kids that will train for the next marathon…. or even a virtual one!!