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iPhone/iPod, A Friend Indeed!

iPhone or iPod – they do the same thing but one makes phone calls. Simple, but the way I see it is that the range of Apple devices have taken the world by storm and with the newest – the iPhone 4 – it makes sure it remains one of the biggest entertainment consoles of the decade!

When mobile phones first came out they were big bulky things and you couldnt really put them in your pocket very easily. Soon times moved on and the mobile phone soon changed, getting smaller and smaller until it was small enough to fit in your purse (believe me some are!). Now phones are jam packed with super cool functions and applications that can do almost anything… Mobiles are not just mobiles anymore… They are super computers.

My first mobile had the likes of a simple snake game and if you are lucky you would get 5 minutes of fun out of it, but now phones these days can organise your entire life and be there for when you need a shoulder to cry on. Well not literally but imagine if it could…

The games and organising facilities are just some of the best on todays smartphones and I wouldnt be without my iPod – Its smooth rounded edges provide comfort and pleasure as you hold it and type to friends on Ebuddy or make notes on the iPod built in facilities.
My first organiser couldnt even go on the net, and it only had a few kilobytes of storage to work with! It’s true you know!

The iPhone was voted as best smartphone/gadget to own, by The Gadget Show in a tech awards episode of the popular Channel 5 programme. Not surprising really with all the different applications you can buy (and have for free).

Jason Bradbury uses all Apple things and now the iPad is out, nothing can stop him from indulging into the worlds finest touchscreen technology!

I think that iPods/iPhones are the next generation of fun and games that will one day be all you need to get you through your day!

Ipod Touch

Speech Recognition in Gaming

Speech Recognition hasn’t always been easy to get our hands on freely without having to buy software or download it…

Until Windows Vista came out you would simply have to rely on pathetic Microsoft Office speech detection and hope it would understand you. Windows Vista now has a tool called Speech Recognition that will allow you to use all of your favourite programs and games without a click of the mouse!

However you will need to train your computer to hear and understand you which takes 20 to 30 minutes, but once that is complete you will be writing documents and playing games with your voice in no time at all!

Here is a video that I made on my phone to show Solitaire using voice recognition with no mouse imput whatsoever! Sorry the movie isnt very great quality… I may do another one!

Speech Recognition Solitaire on Youtube

In fact as this speech recognition is so advanced, I have written this whole article with only using my voice!

Nintendo DSi – The Review!

The Nintendo DSi is the third model of the Nintendo DS platform, following Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS Lite. The DSi aims to bring more gamers to the market.

A new function with the microphone is the ability to change the pitch and the speed separately. You can replay sounds recorded as different styles…. as a bird, a robot, an electric fan, and musical instrument etc. You can access the sounds and mic application from the main menu.

Nintendo DSi has internal memory, just like Wii. You can choose to activate this data from the menu screen. You can also put an SD card into the machine as extra storage.

The DSi has a much nicer main screen and shows the battery level. The power button brings up the main menu, like on the Wii with the Home button. The power button works like a reset button too.

You can play all games on the system but unfortunately it still uses the old configuration for the playing over the internet…. WEP as apposed to WPA. The DSi has now the ability to hot swap game carts after getting to the main menu of the DSi.

The DSi camera can be used as a memory bank of photos throughout the day. So it may be really useful for the older generation, but also fun for the younger generation looking into the ‘can only capture this once’ moment.

The DSi now supports DSiWare that you can download and play on the console. You can save the games to the SD card. There are lots of games to look at and they use DSi points that you can get by buying and activating on the console.

The daddy of the DSi’s is the DSi XL which has a larger screen for older people.

There is a browser on the DSi for the internet, but I think that it is much better surfing the web on a PC as screen size is limited on a DSi.

I rate the DSi console 8/10 because of the lack of the WPA for games still, but maybe in future consoles they may rectify this!