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Farmville Fanatic?

And you thought that DS games got addictive, wait till you read this: Farmville debt, by a 12 year old boy

There are millions of users of Farmville on Facebook and although this is a pretty old Mashable blog post I thought it worked really well on my blog right now, as I’m going to blog about 2 games I have been playing pretty seriously recently, WITHOUT using REAL money.

Either you love it or you hate it but Farmville has become pretty successful over the duration of its life so far. The Zynga game is all about growing, collecting and harvesting the many delightful things that you aquire throughout your playing time with the game.

BUT, HOW ON EARTH can someone get that addicted to rack up a £900 bill through the use of his own debit card and then his mothers!!! Surely his mother should have realised sooner when over £600 went missing out her account?

This just proves how inexperienced that mothers are to children using these games, but the worrying factor is how these kids can obtain the debit/credit cards so easily without being caught! His mothers worry is stated here in the online version of the Guardian newspaper.

He wont be playing that game anymore!

Freeloader Pico

If you are into gaming for the DS/DSi and using an iPod/iPhone on the move then You will LOVE this : A solar cell from called the Freeloader Pico.

I have often been stuck somewhere when I really want to ring home or such for a lift, and I have forgotten that I have not charged my essential item….the phone!

I have a Sony phone and this solar panel has different tips supplied to make your life easier… So I was glad to find that the Sony Ericsson was one of the adaptors included in the units box, for £14.99 in Robert Dyas or £16.99 online at manufacturers website. The Pico will charge devices that are up to 5V and you can use your original USB sync cables etc to plug your devices in. The adaptors also supplied are Nokia and Samsung but you can also order other adaptors to fit your device. The mini USB adaptor will fit into Motorola, Blackberry and most other smartphones, sat-navs and Bluetooth headsets.

It will charge on a computer so that the battery inside is ready for days out, but it will take about 10 hours in the sun to fully charge. I have many ways of charging it as I can plug it into things when my PC isn’t on as I have other USB compatible things, so it would be worth you finding things in YOUR home that it will charge on (helpful hint: Nintendo Wii)

I can also charge my DSi with a already purchased lead from Tesco which I also like. I may now use my DSi much more as I don’t when I have my iPod with me 99.9% of the time.

I think this is an excellent addition to my tech-filled life, and hope to bring some more exciting and amazing things your way soon!

Freeloader Pico