Monthly archives: April, 2016

Word Rescue (an old favourite DOS game)

Here’s a bit of nostalgic fun for you now!

My favourite childhood game was Word Rescue.

Basically you have to rescue the words (obviously) without getting hit by ‘Gruzzles’ (the monsters), falling down waterfalls or falling in slime pits etc. To get rid of the Gruzzles you have to press the space bar to ‘slime’ them and that would make your journey easier.

You may need to jump high to get some of the clues and answers so find the best spot to jump from otherwise you may end up missing the target and fall to a watery death only to have to start the level again! At the end, Benny Bookworm comes down from the sky and places the words in the book And hands you a key to the next level. You then have to find the door which you may have already seen on your dash about the level. Some are easy to get to and some are a little tricky.

There are places you can download and buy the game as listed below:

However I have discovered that you can actually play Part 1 online in your browser! >>>>> – Don’t worry, I don’t seem to have any issue with the game or virus.

Happy playing and get them Gruzzles!

New Relaunch ! (Coming soon!)

As I haven’t posted in a LONG while I thought what better way than to change my blog completely and re-release it as new. Well actually I killed the last blog as the site died on me as I tried to update the software! How annoying is that?

I will eventually re-design the main site to base on this blog and how it looks, and I have some really cool things to be telling very soon! So hope that you read and enjoy!