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Adventures in Leaftown

Sorry it is a tad late… This happened a few weeks ago and so I am going to post a few pictures of my friends and so on.

I went to see Alfie in Leaftown for the firework display. We had a lovely time.

This is our Clothes Roadshow ! We had a lot of fun dressing up in weird and wonderful things !

This is Alfie digging in my free patch !

This is Alfie with a top I gave him because it has an ‘A’ on it !

So I hope you enjoyed looking at my pictures. I do have many more but I won’t always post them ! I like to post the best ones ! lol

Armand Uses His Magic Powers!!!

One of my most recent friends Armand used AR to make a Mario hat and shirt.
Hanna, Miki, Armand and I had a fantastic time. Here’s some pictures:

Mario has come to play ! … No it’s me actually (but it could have fooled some people!!)

I had a great time guys!!

Hailey Came To Play

Hailey and I met up last night (23 July) and played in each others towns. We played hide and seek and tag as well as catching bugs and beetles. We had a great time!!!

This was in her town:

When we were bored she came to my town.

We showed off our elephant beetles that we caught !

And we watched TV at my house !

To finish off to remember us of this night we planted trees but unfortunately one of them died and so I had to re-plant a tree.

Where Have I Been?

Today I have been to Vesuvius’s and Tina’s towns for the very first time.

Tina gave me some golden tools and then Mr Ressetti came up and destroyed the game! How dare he! At least I had everything saved! What’s more – he came twice!

I had a nice time with both of them!

Unfortunately I got no pictures.

Friends With Roi

I went into Roi’s town called Japan to have a look around and to leave an item for taking 100 bells! I also decided that I should blog this beautiful moment:


I went into Animal Crossing and found this:

This is my own picture – Do not take unless I say you can. 😀