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New Relaunch ! (Coming soon!)

As I haven’t posted in a LONG while I thought what better way than to change my blog completely and re-release it as new. Well actually I killed the last blog as the site died on me as I tried to update the software! How annoying is that?

I will eventually re-design the main site to base on this blog and how it looks, and I have some really cool things to be telling very soon! So hope that you read and enjoy!

Mario Wordsearch

Here is the wordsearch I made for when I was Mario at my local Girl Guides group:

Mario Wordsearch

Print: just download and open in a PDF reader such as Adobe

Have fun!

Gaming In The 21st Century

I have watched the “Electric Dreams” program and I was amazed at what difference the house was between having nothing and then having everything.
In the 1990’s there was the Gameboy which stole kids (and adults) hearts and it meant that Tetris and games alike could now be taken anywhere.
I hope the future now lies with portable gaming as I cant begin to think what it would be like if I had not got my DSi handy to pick up! I never had a Gameboy but the Nintendo DS/DSi/3DS makes it all worth it now that the technology is here.

I wondered how the 21st century has shaped your gaming life and what you hope to get out of gaming technology during the next 5 years.
What games console do you frequently play and how long for?

This all put aside, it isnt doing much good for my health. I think I need to start walking… Ah there’s a DS game for that too! hehe

Farmville Fanatic?

And you thought that DS games got addictive, wait till you read this: Farmville debt, by a 12 year old boy

There are millions of users of Farmville on Facebook and although this is a pretty old Mashable blog post I thought it worked really well on my blog right now, as I’m going to blog about 2 games I have been playing pretty seriously recently, WITHOUT using REAL money.

Either you love it or you hate it but Farmville has become pretty successful over the duration of its life so far. The Zynga game is all about growing, collecting and harvesting the many delightful things that you aquire throughout your playing time with the game.

BUT, HOW ON EARTH can someone get that addicted to rack up a £900 bill through the use of his own debit card and then his mothers!!! Surely his mother should have realised sooner when over £600 went missing out her account?

This just proves how inexperienced that mothers are to children using these games, but the worrying factor is how these kids can obtain the debit/credit cards so easily without being caught! His mothers worry is stated here in the online version of the Guardian newspaper.

He wont be playing that game anymore!

Mario: he’s part of MY family

I love to buy myself things and particularly when there is something of a limited number and when it is cheap! (I got the last one!)

I bought myself a gaming t-shirt yesterday that cost £8 celebrating Mario being founded since 1985 which makes him older than me!

I have seen the advert on tv recently about the 25th aniversary which has @wossy in it plus other Nintendo fans and I wanted to get something to commemorate it so I bought this t-shirt:

Mario Tshirt

Relaunch of DSHeaven 16/7/10

I Hereby Declare That DSHeaven Is Now Back In Business!

The look has not changed at all but I have now got a full site with contact form and a competition to become an affiliate.

Sorry folks for the months I have been away. Please do look through my blog and re-inspire yourselves to go and buy some new games!

Please visit my Twitter account DSHeaven for utterly brilliant posts and gaming chat!

Scouting For Affiliates

Please look no further than HERE if you want to become a real affiliate to my site!

Have a go and tell me why you want to become a partner in less than 100 words, impress me, go wild and surprise me with your wisdom!

I will pick the best ones!


DO NOT comment here for it, send me a mail at my contact page!

I will announce winners on my blog so please check back again soon.

Unused Games Worth Nearly £2bn

The average gamer has a stack of games in their collection. An online survey by Swapgame has reported that 1 in 5 consumers have 10 or more games that they havent played in the past 6 months (survey taken in 2009).

Even some gamers buying around 5 new games a year means that older games will get lost in collections spanning more than 100 games and some gamers reported they had more than £100 of games not in use when they took the survey.

Kids like to swap things and swapping games is a great way of testing out the latest in the gaming world and possibly playing some of the worlds greatest games to take the world by storm… World of Warcraft is a fine example to take the top spot in the gaming industry with endless quests and fighting, and on the other hand The Sims has also been a favourite with the more relaxed genre of people.

So is gaming popularity going up or down? Are kids getting out more or less into the great outdoors? Are these stats going to change and turn a sack full of potato shaped kids into lean, mean, fit kids that will train for the next marathon…. or even a virtual one!!

Meeting Jason Bradbury In Basingstoke

I knew about a month ago that Jason was going to be in Basingstoke for the launch of his second in the trilogy of his Dot.Robot books. I planned a train journey and thought I’d try get there at 12 mid day… but as I have a disability I went with my mum 🙂 (In the car)

Took about an hour to get there but it was worth it and I was (to be honest) a bit over the top just before I met him properly!

We went around a few shops and then waited in the queue for The Gadget Show’s Jason Bradbury to come on stage!! When I saw him I was happy and I got more nervous the nearer I got in the line!

When I got up on the stage Jason already had ma book which had my name in on a sticky label but I knew he’d know who I was from Twitter and he shouted ‘Sarah!’
I gave him a huge hug and had some pictures taken by my mum. I said ‘It was about time,’ (To meet him) because I had been tweeting him for a whole year!
He said to me about me being one of his first friends on Twitter and I said how great it was to have Twitter to contact people and meet up.
He signed the book (Atomic Swarm) and wrote ‘Awesome!’ in it and wrote ‘Your Friend Jason’ and a kiss with a drawn pic of himself!!
I mentioned that I watched him on The Wright Stuff and we spoke about Aspergers Syndrome which is the disability I have. Jason had mentioned about Autism on The Wright Stuff and he said that it was me he was refering to!!

I had mum taking a few pix of me and him together and then he talked to Mum.

I hugged Jase a few times and then went off to a few shops and had lunch…but I never knew I was going to see Jase again because he came towards us as we were heading home. Mum was looking completely the wrong way!!! I spotted him. That’s what comes with having Aspergers and being able to spot minor things easily! However in this case Jason is a major Gadget God!

I hope I get to see Jason again as he is such a generous guy and I’d really like to have talked longer!

Follow Jason on Twitter or on his own site check out his blogposts to see what else he has been doing and testing in the world of gadgets!!

Jase n me!

Jason lookin\’ cool!

iPlayer on Wii

Finally we can watch TV on our Wii’s with the free channel, iPlayer!

It is very handy if you want to catch up with something very quickly because it is right there at your fingertips, straight after you’ve been playing your games!

Navigation is easy but personal choice may be entering program names into a proper keyboard rather than onscreen. If that is the case see my previous post about USB flexi-keyboards!

Let’s hope that Nintendo will have some more ideas for new channels this year!