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Doodle Jump (Multi-platform)

One of my favourite games on the mobile platform without a doubt is Doodle Jump. you can get it on the iTunes App store for 69p in the UK and £2 on the Tesco network (for Sony Ericsson phones), and 61p on the Android Market.

The things I like with the iPhone/iPod App and Android Doodle Jump version is the touch screen ease of use and the different skins that you can have but if you play it on a phone that has no touch screen you are a bit limited, as you have to press buttons to fire etc…

My Sony Ericsson phone cuts off the screen after so much time so you have to keep firing your bullets in order for the screen to stay on – I’m sure I could have used some kind of setting to stop that but I was merely playing so I could write this up! Also you cant take it to another phone because it is only compatable with those types of phones… (and I knew my next phone would be touch sensitive so it was just pointless them stinging people for that money. £2 of my own money PLUS the charge for the downloading/searching for the app on MY credit!) AND if you want to upload your score to the web its even MORE money!!! PFFT!

The Android version plays just like the iPhone/iPod App and you can upload your scores to the internet. (The iPhone/iPod has the Game Center (Multiplayer) which you can battle against your friends). However the Android version has Local Challenge where you can physically pass the phone to someone sitting next to you and battle that way.

My favourite platform to play it on without question is the iPhone’s because of the features and that I have been playing that version the longest!

So come on Jumpers, tell me your highest score!

The Sims Social

I have always loved The Sims and I mostly like it on the PC because it has more options on it. I am on The Sims 2 now when everyone else is on The Sims 3 (just because I can buy TS2 packs cheaper!)

However there is Nintendo DS and iPod/iPhone Sims games and you only can control one character that you make. That is a little boring I think but still interesting how they devise the challenges.

Just recently The Sims Social has HIT Facebook and that is really cool. Still only being able to control one character but it is so much more interactive than the NDS or the iOS ones. The Sims Social is almost perfect and there is so much more functionality to it, still only being a one-profile game.

I would rate The Sims Social but I haven’t played it massively yet, but I may do a full review later and link back here to this post.

Tiny Xmas Chef

I didnt expect to be back this soon but I have an app I really am enjoying at the moment and it is for free > Tiny Xmas Chef

It can be played at any time, so not just at Christmas as it has a real wintery feel to it and it has an easy to play style of gaming. You have to feed the people that come through the door and sit at the tables. To get the food to the customers you need to drag the meal onto the serving counters so the waiters can pick up food to serve it! However you must clean the stove after you cook so you can cook again!

You can customise the restaurant with different tables and chars and accessories like windows and plants and other great things which add to ‘room score’ for luxury items. Some luxury items will have to be paid for using the special green note cash as they are rare special enhancements. You can also use these green note cash for speeding up cooking so you cook a meal instantly. If you have no food on the serving counters you will lose customers and popularity.

You can master dishes exactly like other games with this style of gaming. As you cook more things and progress you earn money and Experience Ponts and you go up levels so eventuallly you can cook everything and be a total master of Xmas cooking!

Here is a screenshot of my game at level 8. You can see things cooking on the stove.

Screenshot of TXC

You can also upgrade the size of the restaurant with your cash and it replicates the floor and wall tiles to match with your design, where Baking Story (another iPhone/iPod game) fails to do this.

‘Tis The Season…

Are you all excited for the season of good-will?

During Christmas I will be Tweeting as usual but expect to see a post after 12th day (5/6 Jan) when I want to relaunch my 2011 campaign for gaming!

But to get you all into the spirit of Xmas, Lima Sky have released a special Christmas edition of Doodle Jump for 59p! – Hope to see you with your highscores soon!

Before the holidays get too close I would like to bring to the attention several apps for Advent…

The first is Christmas Advent Calendar 2010 – The best 25 Free Apps!
This app is free on iTunes and you can unlock each calendar day with a free app under every window!

The second is called Christmas!! and has the following:
Xmas Day Countdown
Advent Calendar (with surprises!)
Toys and Games
Festive Jokes
Xmas Songs
Wintery Wallpapers
and a gift list…..

And that is also 100% FREE!

Have a great holiday season and I’ll hopefully see you nearer Christmas with another blog post!!

See you in the new year!

(Mr) AahH!!

All kids love rope swings and this game allows you to ropeswing as much as you want as you swing from pillar to pillar!

I have only just downloaded it today on my iPod, but I can see I am going to be playing it for a good while to try and beat it!

Your little stick man must land on the pillars and you must control when he drops… sounds simple..? When he is swinging back and forth and the heights and widths are different it proves not so easy!

If you get right in the middle of a pillar you get bonus points and you compete with others on the high score records chart to become top swinger! If you fall off you will lose a life (max at start is 3).

Go on, download it for fr€€ at the Apple app store right now before the offer goes!

Happy Swinging!

Mr Aahh

Farmville Fanatic?

And you thought that DS games got addictive, wait till you read this: Farmville debt, by a 12 year old boy

There are millions of users of Farmville on Facebook and although this is a pretty old Mashable blog post I thought it worked really well on my blog right now, as I’m going to blog about 2 games I have been playing pretty seriously recently, WITHOUT using REAL money.

Either you love it or you hate it but Farmville has become pretty successful over the duration of its life so far. The Zynga game is all about growing, collecting and harvesting the many delightful things that you aquire throughout your playing time with the game.

BUT, HOW ON EARTH can someone get that addicted to rack up a £900 bill through the use of his own debit card and then his mothers!!! Surely his mother should have realised sooner when over £600 went missing out her account?

This just proves how inexperienced that mothers are to children using these games, but the worrying factor is how these kids can obtain the debit/credit cards so easily without being caught! His mothers worry is stated here in the online version of the Guardian newspaper.

He wont be playing that game anymore!

Easter Eggs

No its far too late for chocolate eggs, isnt it?

Easter Eggs are special things that game developers put into games to get players to find so that they enjoy the game more and it is usually done to help people relax and want to carry on finding more silly things as they play.

Some Easter Eggs are like cheats and that has to be said with one of the biggest people game in the world, The Sims.

If you press the right keys in the right order in games other things could also happen.

So play around in your games, you never know what you might find lurking in there!