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Word Rescue (an old favourite DOS game)

Here’s a bit of nostalgic fun for you now!

My favourite childhood game was Word Rescue.

Basically you have to rescue the words (obviously) without getting hit by ‘Gruzzles’ (the monsters), falling down waterfalls or falling in slime pits etc. To get rid of the Gruzzles you have to press the space bar to ‘slime’ them and that would make your journey easier.

You may need to jump high to get some of the clues and answers so find the best spot to jump from otherwise you may end up missing the target and fall to a watery death only to have to start the level again! At the end, Benny Bookworm comes down from the sky and places the words in the book And hands you a key to the next level. You then have to find the door which you may have already seen on your dash about the level. Some are easy to get to and some are a little tricky.

There are places you can download and buy the game as listed below:

However I have discovered that you can actually play Part 1 online in your browser! >>>>> – Don’t worry, I don’t seem to have any issue with the game or virus.

Happy playing and get them Gruzzles!

Magic Boy Should Get Re-release

This game should be re-released on the Wii or DS Nintendo console because I really enjoyed playing it in my youth. Its challenging levels bring excitement and everyone should play this at some time in their life.

I started playing Magic Boy in the 90’s and I think it is a great game because it was the first real platform game I had and it was a challenge to complete. I still have it now and don’t play very often as I’m on my social networks. (What a surprise!)

In Magic Boy you control a male character that has a wand and you blast the monsters and send them to jail. They may escape if you are too slow in finishing the level. You can also hit things to collect fruit and that adds to your score. For more points you might see letters that you need to pick up to spell EXTRA.

There are 4 lands to play in but each land has 8 levels inside the land. I have never completed it but I am up for a challenge sometime I may give it a go!

If they did make another version I’d like to see it in the iTunes App Store so I could have it on my iPod, if they didnt publish it for Nintendo. They could add a certain amount of internet features where you could earn points on ‘Game Center’ and ‘Open Feint’. This however will probably never get done but I’d like to know of games that are like this one that are on the App Store.

Here is a Youtube video of the game from the SNES

Unused Games Worth Nearly £2bn

The average gamer has a stack of games in their collection. An online survey by Swapgame has reported that 1 in 5 consumers have 10 or more games that they havent played in the past 6 months (survey taken in 2009).

Even some gamers buying around 5 new games a year means that older games will get lost in collections spanning more than 100 games and some gamers reported they had more than £100 of games not in use when they took the survey.

Kids like to swap things and swapping games is a great way of testing out the latest in the gaming world and possibly playing some of the worlds greatest games to take the world by storm… World of Warcraft is a fine example to take the top spot in the gaming industry with endless quests and fighting, and on the other hand The Sims has also been a favourite with the more relaxed genre of people.

So is gaming popularity going up or down? Are kids getting out more or less into the great outdoors? Are these stats going to change and turn a sack full of potato shaped kids into lean, mean, fit kids that will train for the next marathon…. or even a virtual one!!

Easter Eggs

No its far too late for chocolate eggs, isnt it?

Easter Eggs are special things that game developers put into games to get players to find so that they enjoy the game more and it is usually done to help people relax and want to carry on finding more silly things as they play.

Some Easter Eggs are like cheats and that has to be said with one of the biggest people game in the world, The Sims.

If you press the right keys in the right order in games other things could also happen.

So play around in your games, you never know what you might find lurking in there!

QuakeLive… Exploring New Battlegrounds

I have had my new computer with Windows Vista and a Nvidia GeForce 9400 GT graphics card, since October last year. I have not really played a really good graphics driven game. I have been playing QuakeLive and the graphics are really smooth and I am really impressed. Up to now I have not really tested the graphics a great deal and thought that this was a really good way to test them. I had played FIFA07 a little but QuakeLive is very different because there is more action.

I also use Second Life for networking occasionally and my computer will sometimes struggle with layering images on to the characters etc and making sure that they move right. Waiting for everything to load 100% is not always easy because it may take a while.

The quality of the 3D environment in Quake is a whole new experience to me as I don’t play many games online like this. I usually play with some Flash game or something like that. I am interested to see what other games I could run that would not kill my computer. I have Lara Croft Tomb Raider but I am not too good at that. That I am sure will look fabulous on my computer.
Hopefully I’ll come to a point when I want to buy a super cool game and test out my computers performance to the limits. However my PC, as lovely as it is to do things with, is not a water cooled gaming monster and so I doubt I’ll be playing anything too graphics driven that could harm my beloved machine: unless you can say differently?
I got into playing Quake because I was amazed at how really fast and fun this type of game can be. This was after a certain fellow gamer and blogger decided to try it out. He has got the water cooled gaming PC!

If anyone has any suggestions to what games I could safely run on my computer with an Intel Core Duo 2.53GHz processor and no bottles of water(!), it would be really nice to hear from you!