Animal Crossing Wild World (DS game)

Animal Crossing Wild World has taken the world by a storm! Mostly because how the game works and how it can be used, because YOU make things happen!

If you haven’t played Animal Crossing before I will try to explain what you can do! 😀

About the game:
So you are in a cab and you are asked what you want to be known as and where you are going, and soon you arrive in a town with 8 villagers (animals) and you have to find your way around.
So what do you do? You get a job as Tom Nook’s assistant, delivering things and posting messages. Soon you are let off and your end wage has paid off some of the mortgage that you owe Nook for your house!
A house! I hear you cry!

Your house is like your storage space and you can put any items that you may have in there. Nook wants you to find your house on your map so you can do his tasks. Once you are there you will begin working for him. When all jobs are complete you are free to do whatever you please. If that may be getting rich, getting your fossil collection finished or fishing for (what else?) fish! There is bound to be something for everyone to enjoy. You may also join in competitions for fish and bugs, and win awards if you get the best ones!

Different characters in your town may come and go but don’t be surprised. Also you will get visits from special townsfolk that get you to do special things for secret items. Whatever you do, have fun and enjoy all what Animal Crossing Wild World has to offer!!

Rating: 10/10

I hope this has given an insight to the game for you all to come and talk about it.

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