deBlob2 (DS game)

deBlob has made its way onto the DS console (also with versions on Wii and the iOS system) and mobile gaming has once more got a winner on its hands.

deBlob2 for the DS has been made a side-scroller but has potential to be a 3D game on the 3DS. The game on the Wii is a 3D version but not that portable really although it is more interactive, which is expected being a higher spec gaming platform, but the DS version does not disappoint.

In deBlob2 DS you have to gain musical notes and kill the baddies to advance. Also not forgetting the people of Chroma City (Raydians/Gradians) who you need to free quickly before they get taken by the baddies. There is quite a lot of easy things to do but as you play, some tasks seem harder and you will possibly have to re-do the level a couple of times to get everything. There are usually 10 Gradians (goodies) in each level to find.

At the end of some levels you may get a ‘camera task’, which you will only be able to do if you have a DSi. You have to physically go and find things of the colour it asks and take a picture using the DSi which will help you to fill the world with colour again!

In deBlob2 Wii you have to paint buildings (as in deBlob1) in order to get the Raydians/Gradians (people of Chroma City) to come out to be coloured. You sometimes need to jump across gaps and that can be quite difficult if you havent set up your angle correctly. You have to collect styles and do a bunch of new tasks that weren’t in deBlob1 and this is what makes it more challenging and fun to play. See more about deBlob2 for Wii here: and the Wiki is here: Wiki for deBlob2 Wii

Rating: 7/10 Easy but some DSi levels have tricky places to get to

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