Electroplankton (DS game)

Bored for 5 minutes but fancy making some loops of music? Buy Electroplankton. However this was one of the first DS titles to hit the shelves and it shows how lacking they were of ideas.

The idea of it is that it allows the player to interact with animated plankton and create music through one of ten different plankton themed interfaces.

DO NOT buy this if you think there is going to be loads to go because there simply aint! There are no puzzles to solve or stuff that you have to think about. It is simply a relaxation device. I cant even bring myself to call it a game as there are no game-like elements to it. You do not win a level, nor collect £200 for passing GO!

However on the bright side I can say I now own a game relaxation device that made me smile in the different ways I can configure the items in each of the categories of single-cell-organisms that show on-screen!

It is not a talent to ‘finish a level first’ you simply ‘play’ to get interesting sounds and patterns.

I rate this 6/10 because of lack of features but I must admit you can get some nice tunes if you know what you are doing!

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