Mario Karts (DS game)

I have Mario Karts! I am so happy that I completed the main objective – to get golds on all Cups !

About the game:
You are in a race with all the other Mario characters. There are five ways of playing on your own and there is wifi as well. The five ways that Mario Karts can brighten up your day are: Grand Prix, Time Trials, VS, Battle and finally Missions.

In a Grand Prix you have to get at least 36 – 40 points to get a gold award. How do you do that? By winning 3 or 4 races you can actually get the gold award. There are 3 different classes of speed that you can race at and the 4th is a mirror mode which you unlock when you get all the gold cups in the other 3 speeds. You are scored with a letter rating with * (star) being the best. There are 8 different cups to race in. These are Mushroom, Flower, Star and Special (in the Nitro Grand Prix), and Shell, Banana, Leaf and Lightening (in the Retro Grand Prix).

The Time Trials are the same courses but you have to beat your time. If you beat specific times on some of them you will unlock the Nintendo Staff Data for that course.

There is lots to do and I really enjoy it.

Rating: 10/10

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  1. Mayu says:

    Wow, congrats for your gold on all cups^^
    My son also play Mario Kart, but for me it’s too difficult. Over Wifi I haven’t got nearly a chance, like my son they use many tricks to speed up like shifting right and left all the time to boost or something like that! That’s just crazy. lol

    Sink: if mum doesn’t alter settings he can join my roster in Mario Karts but I need to get my game back first as my friend has borrowed it – I’m thinking of lending him Tetris next!!!

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