Soul Bubbles (DS game)

Have you ever played a game with such beauty and elegance as this?
Official Nintendo Magazine gave it 93% in its game rankings and every gamer would agree that this is possibly one of the greatest games ever made for casual and light fun play.

Soul Bubbles first launched in 2008 and now I own it! The beautiful gameplay and ease of use are a major winner because nothing like this has ever been seen before.
In fact I hadn’t even had the game for 24hours at the time of writing this review because I was drawn in by the cleverness and charm that it has.

First you have a few introductory levels to teach you how to control the bubble once airborne. After that you are on your own.
When you control the bubble around the course you have to collect things. Special dust helps to light the way and you have to get as much of it as you can.
The other thing is rare and they look a little like monkey nuts!
They are called Calabash and if you find enough you unlock the last world. There are 8 challenging worlds with over 40 levels of pure satisfaction.

To play the game you must cut, join, deflate, expand and blow bubbles that you have to fit through gaps. You do all this using your stylus. Sometimes you may have to fill a bubble with water or gas to react with the world around the bubble. However, in the bubble there are Spirits and you must lead them to the Gateway Cubes located somewhere in the level and you will find that by collecting the dust. Hints appear along the way if you get stuck.
Spirits are weak and vulnerable and it is your job to rescue all that you can without leaving them behind!

I think that this game has really exciting and creative levels and was really worth it.

Rating: 9/10 (This game will get addictive!)

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