Tetris (DS game)

I have had Tetris since January 2007 so that’s a long time.
Feel free to comment on the game here and how you are getting on with the challenges and the levels !
I myself have completed the main game of 200 lines at level 20.

I do not cheat in this game and I hate cheaters who use AR cards and devices.

About the game:
Tetris has been around for many years and through the ages there hasn’t been anything (I think !) as spectacular as the Nintendo DS version. It is so fun and challenging playing Tetris right up to the fastest level.
In Tetris DS you have 6 main types of game: Standard, Push, Touch, Puzzle, Mission and finally Catch. They all behave differently and you really need at least a bit of spatial awareness to know what will fit and how to clear the stage.

Tetris DS has wifi capabilities to play against friends in 3 different ways: Standard (2 player), Standard with items (4 player), and Push.
This game can also be played with local wifi against a player that you are physically sitting next to !
The game will track your scores and tell you your Tetris and wifi points according to how well you have done.

When you get to certain levels you unlock bonus music that you can play through Options and selecting Music. You can also set if you want a ghost piece to help you where you are putting blocks (helps when you have to be quick !), and the hard drop setting.

To get maximum enjoyment out of this game you must play on wifi because it is seriously fun ! However you can’t pause in a wifi game and if you turn your DS off or you lose connection to wifi you lose the game. 🙁

Rating: 10/10

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