Zubo (DS game)

So I’ve spent £6 on Zubo for my DS lite after seeing the game in Tesco for more than double than that, I thought I’ve struck lucky. So I’ll give you a little insight into Zubo for the DS. There isnt much help out there for the game and writing this post… even though I’m really enjoying the game, I am also now stuck – So thinks may change later. I will of course update again when I’ve got through it.

It is your challenge to collect 55 Zubos (goodies) and defeat the zombos that you compete against in a rhythm based game stage. However before that you need to find the Zombos on your map and complete challenges like ‘wake XXXXX’ or ‘find XXXXX’ and without doing them you cant advance to the next challenge.

To win a Zombo stage you must tap the screen at the right time to be able to get hit points knocked out of the rivals. Then if you do enough and defeat them you will possibly go up a level (level according to each individual Zubo) and be able to do more with your Zubos.

You may change your Zubos that you want to play with according to their strengths and their level. However you can only do that when you are in map mode. Whilst in map mode you can open your ‘rucksack’ and give fruit that you win to your Zubos to get their health back. Believe me that is crucial because going into battle with next to none in health/hit points could prove disasterous and you will lose. You can also buy fruit at special kiosks and you use special money that you get from defeating the baddies and also unlocking chests. Those chests may also bear keys to other parts of the map to get you to other areas.

This game is addicting to play and quite a challenge at times because of the way it is set out with the logic and that is what I like about it.

There is lots more things I have not talked about here but if you want me to add anything specific to my post please let me know in the comments. I also would like to know your views on the game. I hope that this will hopefully help you to buy it.

Special Easter Eggs and Tips:
If you dont really know what an Easter Egg is then see my latest post which is all about them.

During playing Zubo you will find many secret things. I can list some here so you can go and find them for yourself.

1 In the main area in the center where the stage is there are balloons that you can pop every now and again to get the currency for thegame. there are also a few behind the stage…

2 Behind the stage is 2 caravans which you can go in and look around. Both drum kits have a Simon game where you have to repeat the sequence. If you getto the end you get rewarded with currency. Also upstairs in both caravans you may also pop the air bubbles rising out the bit in the floor. You will get rewarded here too sometimes.

3 Pulling levers may open gates and will be useful to advance.

4 Fruit is precious, dont overfeed your Zubos!

5 Tap on your Zubos to get help and tips of what to look for or if they are hungry that info will also be displayed.

6 Choose battle Zubos moves carefully to do the MOST POSSIBLE damage. It also pays to chose a move with a high hit point because if you miss a hit you wont suffer too much. You might also manage to Knockout your opponent.

7 When you have got to certain places in the game you may unlock new modes – like practice mode where you can put your Zubos to test without losing the real matches. You will also have more Zubos to choose from the more charaters you ‘make friends with’. Choose your Zubos wisely and put them to the test.

If you can think of any Easter Eggs or tips you would like to see published, please write a comment and I will post them up.

Rating: 9/10 – A bit repetitive but the graphics are really great and the challenges are varied once you get stuck in.

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