Wii Will Rock You!

I have decided to set up a page to tell you about my Wii games that I have.

Wii games I have are:
(Click on link to go to article on game!)
Wii Sports/Play/Fit
Rating: Sports = 5/10 Could have had more sports in but Sports Resort rectifies that with new gameplay
Rating: Play = 8/10 Fun to play with a friend
Rating: Fit = 8/10 This actually works! Great for parties!

My Fitness Coach:Dance – Rating 7/10 Not a complete substitute for Zumba but it’s good enough to start a fitness pattern

Warioware Smooth Moves – Rating: 7/10 Beat the stages to unlock more!

Kororinpa – Rating: 9/10 Colourful and fun marble game!

Eledees – Rating: 7/10 Complicated at times but fun to chuck stuff about!

Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz – Rating: 8/10 Interesting Challenges

Super Monkey Ball: Step and Roll – Rating: 8/10 Same as BB but you can use the balance board as a control

Geometry Wars: Galaxies – Rating: 9/10 Repetetive but fun

Boom Blox (and Bash Party) – Rating: 10/10 TOP GAME

De Blob – Rating: 9/10 Tasks to colour the world!

Samba De Amigo – Rating: 6/10 Musical fun

Rock n Roll Adventures – Rating: will play more before rating

Shaun White Snowboard – Rating: 5/10 Nice balance board control and clever graphics

Animal Crossing – Rating 9/10 One big online world

My Sims:Kingdom – Rating 5/10 Good Story

Rayman Ravin’ Rabbids:TV Party – Rating 8/10 Fun party games for all

Super Paper Mario – Rating 9/10 3D amazing

Mercury Meltdown Revolution – Rating 8/10 Challenging tasks

Mario Kart – Rating 10/10 Driving Madness

Just Dance 1 – Rating 9/10 Dancing party fun

I hope to add more games to this list as my collection increases!

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  1. Hailey says:

    you should defenetly get Animal Crossing City Folk it is most likely my fav game on MY wii. 🙂 good to see you again.

  2. DSHeaven says:

    Hailey I have AC:CF now… give me your code and I’ll add you

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