Geometry Wars (Wii)

Geometry Wars is great because it is fast paced and I need to have faster reactions as when I drive things happen quickly.

In Geometry Wars you have shapes that you must fire at to gain points. There are several vesions to buy and I have both the DS and the Wii versions as well as the PC version. The game is simple but you have to make sure you blast the shapes quickly before you get blown up by them. You get blown up by touching them or running into them, and you lose a life!
Some of the shapes may hone in on you but most will move freely.
However as the game progresses you will be able to get extra lives and additional bombs when you have reached a specific score.

Wii and DS version:

On the DS and the Wii versions, there are more options and many more ‘boards’ to play. Each board is set in a world and can be played with different behavoiurs. These behavoiurs set how the stage is played.
An automated drone follows the player around each level, and you can buy different behaviours (up to eight behaviors). The behavoir is selected before starting the level. You can “Attack”, “Defend”, “Collect” and “Bait”. Each behavior aside from the default “Attack” must be unlocked by spending Geoms, and each behavior also “levels up” over time as you use it. This will make gameplay better, increasing the drone’s speed, power or accuracy.

Most enemies in GW:Galaxies will drop a yellow icon. This is a Geom which you need to progress and you need them to ‘buy’ other planets and behaviors. They are dropped in amounts of 10, 25, 50, and 100. To pick up the Geoms just move near to them and they are collected and added to your kitty for later.

Find out more info on the game at: – Geometry Wars
If you would like to know more about the game on the Wii go to: – Geometry Wars: Galaxies

I enjoy playing this because it fills up 5-10 minutes space and it will only cost you £3 on MSN games!

Happy playing or should I say blasting?

If you like this game go and try out some more puzzle games like Bejeweled or Zuma. I find these games really relaxing, and can always be enjoyed whatever age you are!