Mario Karts (Wii)

Mario Karts is fun on the DS but even more fun on the Wii as there are tons of new things. New courses especially for the Wii version makes it entertaining to learn how to win. Some courses, like DS Delfino Square and Yoshi Falls, have made it into the Wii version and I must say that is great because they are my most played courses on the DS version!ย The game is well done and you can have up to 12 people online playing with you, which is more than the DS.

You can ride a motorbike and also use your Mii as the character you ride with! You cant ride as a Mii on the DS because that doesnt support Mii data but maybe in Mario Kart DS version 2 it may get added as especially as there is a new DS which allows a SD card. That SD card could store your Mii data for retrieval on the DS and could potentially be used on other games too ๐Ÿ™‚
There are motobike only races on the Wii version and if a MKDS2 was released maybe the new features of the Wii version could be used and the option of downloading new karts and bikes?

There is a Mario Kart Channel you can download so you can see everyones status of play before you go into the game!

I enjoy the MK Wii and find it fun to play online!
I rate it 10/10 for game ability and new play technique with using the Wiimote to steer ๐Ÿ™‚