Wii Fit (Wii)

I know there are many fitness freaks out there that spend far too much time in the gym (is that good or bad?) but now the gym comes to you!

Here is a few questions I want to get answers to so I can learn about my fellow Fit friends…
1b. How many hours a week/day do you play?
2b. Favourite activity on the Wii Fit?
3b. Has it changed your lifestyle?

OK with that out of the way I want to continue with the post by telling you more about my experiences with it.

I played Wii Fit first on my birthday in 2008 and I have enjoyed unlocking all the stuff and beating scores and then tweeting them out occasionally when I did really well! My favourite minigame is the Heading one because I have played that loads and I have a high score of 555 (impressive huh?)!
Other sports on there are boxing to a rhythm, running, stepping, Yoga, streches, and catching fish (!) plus many more cool games where you have to maintain balance and stealth to help keep a fit and healthy body and grow stronger in your core areas.

I dont use it near enough as I should do because I dont like it when I cant beat my scores and it gets really annoying. However at the end of all that work you can sit on the board and play Zazen to calm you when you have worked that sweat up!

I really enjoy to get the full star ratings in the games so I can unlock the next level of difficulty but on one of the mini games I wish there were more levels… Table Tilt. I find playing the same boards a little boring and wish there was a whole game that could use that mini game as the main point. I know of other non wii board games… (such as Kororinpa) that allows you to get a ball/marble round a course collecting things and not falling off. So why haven’t Nintendo brought out a full Table Tilt game? I always feel like I have to know the tables in that so well because there isnt so many, and feel stressed when I dont get a good score.

I must say all in all Wii Fit is a huge success and is helping kids develop muscles and move in a new way. I really want some more WiiBoard games out and I cant wait to see what this next few years has got in store for developing use of the Wii Balance Board!

Plus a really good Wii Fit Vid: Wii Fit Impressions